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Design Flourish

Massage the neck, shoulders and back Massage focuses on the neck, shoulders and upper back, where many people accumulate stress and fatigue. This massage is a therapeutic chair is perfect for those who have little free time. It is not necessary to undress and oils or lotions are used (30 minutes)

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Heavenly Massages

The ideal choice for those who need a deep and firm massage that incorporates different techniques and management of Swedish and deep tissue therapeutic lymphatic reflexology to promote the release of muscle tension and chronic or recurrent pain, especially in the areas of the body that tend to accumulate tension, as in the neck and back (60 or 90 minute massage available).

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A massage designed to relieve the special needs of the mother to be. This massage uses Roman chamomile oil to soothe and create a relaxing experience during this period of change (60 minutes).

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