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Manual Lymph Drainage DLM$80

The lymphatic system consists of lymph vessels, lymph nodes and tissues such as tonsils, spleen and thymus.
The lymphatic system is the defense mechanism against infection and disease and helps remove excess fluid in tissue spaces. The lymphatic system has no pump like the circulatory system has the heart. This part of the body rests on the gravity and body movement to operate in the body. There are several methods of lymphatic massage ultimately promote and encourage the flow with controlled rhythmic movements to find a path for drainage. This technique helps restore connective tissue, inflammatory eliminates toxins and helps the immune system to be more efficient. It is very beneficial as a treatment after surgery to eliminate swelling and pain. lymphatic massage is also used to treat arthritis, fatigue, joint pain, cellulite and more.

Aromatherapy Massage$50

Aromatherapy massage combines Swedish massage with a personalized blend of pure essential oils to stimulate the lymphatic and immune system, and to calm the nervous system. This massage is very beneficial for people who are more stressed and suffer from stress and anxiety.

Hot Stone Massage$80

Using a breakthrough technique, this massage balances the body’s emotional, physical and spiritual energies. This deeply relaxing and penetrating massage uses the application of basalt heated stones to unlock the body’s natural healing energies.


Swedish Massage$70

This classic body massage stimulates circulation, improves muscle tone, releases tension and relaxes tired muscles. This relaxing massage experience starts slowly and developed to provide a more steady pressure. A favorite, ideal for spa visitors for the first time (60 or 90 minutes)

Deep Tissue Massage$60

The ideal choice for those who need a deep and firm massage that incorporates different techniques and management of Swedish and deep tissue therapeutic lymphatic reflexology to promote the release of muscle tension and chronic or recurrent pain, especially in the areas of the body that tend to accumulate tension, as in the neck and back (60 or 90 minute massage available)

Sports Massage$60

massage therapy, sports massage is used as a preventive medicine for many athletes before, during and after sporting events. A combination of techniques such as Swedish massage, Shiatsu, deep tissue and relaxation before a sporting event can prepare the athlete for increased performance. At events to keep muscles loose and warmed to reduce injuries and after a hard to rid the body of the formation of stress, relieve fatigue and eliminate toxins and byproducts produced by the body in activities painful. Massage can make the experience of training and much more effective body building

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